Two Pound Worlds Become One

Pound The Hill has been revised to make you happier!

  • No more closing from 4-5pm, you can stay!
  • Beer, wine and an even more improved food menu available through lunch and dinner
  • Breakfast ALL day everyday, as it should be!
  • Happy Hour from 4-7pm throughout the restaurant. Inside or out.
  • Your friendly baristas and bartenders will take your orders and bring your food, but we no longer have waited table service or take reservations.

DC’s Best Premium Coffee and Tea

By Samer Farha

Pound doesn’t settle. Coffee, tea or food, nothing gets served unless it’s the best possible product we can put out. That’s why Pound is proud to be to serve PT’s Coffee Roasting Co., the 2009 Macro Roaster of the Year (i.e. it doesn’t get any better than this). Like tea? You will love our collection of gourmet Mighty Leaf teas.
Are you a fan of unique, handcrafted drinks? Second only to our pride in quality is our creative passion. Pound has created several unique, specialty drinks that you will only find here. Our Nutella latte (pictured) is a MUST have. As the weather warms up, our fruit smoothies and frozen blended drinks really hit the spot!
Did I mention we have perfected the Nutella latte? Only at Pound.